Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Tour / Performance - FEB 23 @ 5:20!!
There was a 8:30 tour for CAA guests.
Live Augmented Reality Tour/Performance starts @ Westin Bonaventure Hotel Flower St entrance
Los Angles.
LA RePlay - Reception @ Friday, February 24, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
DMA Grad Art Gallery, Broad Art Center, UCLA

Artist Mark Skwarek will transform different locations tied to the financial crisis into islands surrounded by a sea of fire with augmented reality [AR]. Skwarek, a stunt double, and viewers will travel from island to island in a special AR boat and partake in the tradition of "pool hopping". Skwarek and other pool hoppers will party in the island's pool until kicked out by security or until the party moves. The pool hopping originally started in New York City’s Financial District but it’s now coming to Downtown LA.
The performance will begin at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel Heliport’s South Flower Street Entrance at 5:20. From there viewers will navigate a sea of fire to the Bank of America Plaza. At the BA Plaza’s sacrificial altar viewers will be able to make an offering to the plaza god in the hopes of financial gain.
The event will be viewed on smartphones [iPhone 3gs or newer, iPad 2, and most android phones will work]. Viewers need to download the Layar and Junaio app onto their phones before coming. People without a mobile devise may be able to share with the group devise.